The Loft – Build Out

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With demolition done and the shell of the building set, it was time for us to begin creating our vision. From the moment we walked into the loft we could see what we wanted it to be, now it was time to actually start making that vision a reality. Large trucks began arriving with boxes of materials, counters, appliances and furniture all of which seemed to pile up in the driveway. The boys would excitedly ask how big the truck was that was coming today.

Slowly we would haul all of the items up the hillside and into the loft. We began fitting all of the puzzle pieces together, redoing the flooring, laying tile, adding in the new fixtures, putting up wainscoting, repairing drywall, building cabinets, tiling backsplash and painting. Each new element drove us to keep going as we got closer to finishing the space. Family would come for a weekend at a time and work hard with us as we drove towards the finish line. Our to do list, which was overwhelming at first, was being whittled down.

Though we missed our self imposed deadline by a week we finished up the bulk of the work at the end of the summer. We learned so much going through the process of remodeling the space. We certainly couldn’t have done it without all the help that everyone offered. Now it was time to decorate and get the furniture set.

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