The Loft – Getting to Work

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Armed with our to-do list, a sledge hammer, power saws and our checkbook we set out to begin the loft conversion. For our first weekend of work we ordered a dumpster, sent the boys away and got to it. The existing kitchen was torn out, the bathroom fixtures were removed, the awkward loft that obstructed a whole end of the studio were all removed and dumped off the deck into the dumpster below. There is a definite satisfaction to demoing out a space and preparing it for its new life. Easily the most satisfying moment was when we removed the existing toilet and tossed it’s stained porcelain form over the railing and down into the dumpster where on impact it exploded into thousands of small pieces.

Demo goes fairly fast and by the end of the weekend most things we didn’t want in the loft had been tossed over the edge and fell to their resting places in the dumpster. We even had enough time to take a celebratory afternoon and explore the foothill wine scene.

Our next step on the loft was to contract out the big work. We met with a number of contractors who would come up, look at the project, quote you for a bunch of stuff you didn’t ask for or want, then act totally dejected when you said no. We ended up signing papers with two different contractors, one who put a new lighter colored asphalt roof on, and another who replaced the ancient aluminum framed single paned windows and put insulated vinyl siding on.

When the contractors finished their work we stepped back excitedly, the inside was cleaned out, the shell was set. It was time for us to buildout our vision inside.

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