A Permaculture Homestead

Welcome to our journey of learning to be a part of the world around us.

Permaculture gives us the toolkit moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance.

Toby Hemenway

Recent Works

One Year In

The call of mating red-tails fills the air as they gracefully swoop and chase each other from pine to oak, back to pine, frolicking, circling, diving around the house and our woods. These are our red-tails, the pair that live amongst our trees, hunt in our pasture, and perch upon our newly placed fence posts.…

Summers End at the Lazy Moon

Summer ended abruptly a couple of weeks ago with a cool rain and a break in the heat. Our kiln dried hillside began its process of reawakening as the rains permeated the dirt bringing life to the roots that had laid dormant through the summer heat. While the hillside may have lazy slumbered through the…

The Loft – Build Out

Previous Loft Post – The Loft – Getting to Work With demolition done and the shell of the building set, it was time for us to begin creating our vision. From the moment we walked into the loft we could see what we wanted it to be, now it was time to actually start making…

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