Summers End at the Lazy Moon

Summer ended abruptly a couple of weeks ago with a cool rain and a break in the heat. Our kiln dried hillside began its process of reawakening as the rains permeated the dirt bringing life to the roots that had laid dormant through the summer heat. While the hillside may have lazy slumbered through the last few months we have not. As the summer sun blazed our work mostly focused the Loft, our guest accommodations here, where we remodeled the space to an inviting farmhouse style studio, we also began to explore the richness that our new area offers and we planned and plotted what we were going to do this fall, winter and spring when our weather allows for work to actually be done.

While the Loft deserves and will receive its own post in due time here is a quick summation of what happened. When we bought the home there was a space above the garage had been used as an apartment at one point in time. We jokingly referred to its condition as gas station bathroom chic, suffice to say it was in disrepair. We wanted to create a space where friends and family could come visit and spend some time with us so we repaired it. A new roof, new windows, new siding, and a complete update on the inside with new counters, updated kitchenette flooring, paint, and little accents here and there has really made it a space we are proud of and cannot wait to have folks come stay in. It’s now about 95% done with a bit more paint that needs to go up and a few more finishing touches.

We also took the opportunity to get out and explore the area. While the county doesn’t maintain as many local parks as you might find in the Bay Area we are blessed to have the American River right down the road and the Sierra crest just up the highway. The boys and I spent time hiking through the pine forests, discovering glacier carved lakes in the high granite, waterfalls, and most importantly learning how to escape the blast furnace that some days felt like.

Exploring the creek at Sly Park

Mostly though we learned what it is going to be like as a family up here. Days involved discovering the simple joys of playing in the dirt, outside dinners with friends and family, and establishing our life here. This fall presents so many opportunities to get work done on the farm and adventures to be had.  Our list has begun to grow to a point that is somewhat intimidating, but then I reflect back on the extensive list we had to get the loft remodeled and we accomplished that. A little bit each day will build into a success  every week, a couple big accomplishments every month, and our dream in a few years.

As the sun begins its later rises and early sets flushes of green have begun to rise beneath the brown grass. Small shoots of grass reaching into the air, waking to a new year of growth.  It’s a small reminder that every season passes and growth can come from the smallest of changes.

2 responses to “Summers End at the Lazy Moon”

  1. Looks great, what a difference, you’ve certainly been busy.

  2. Thanks! We still need to get you guys back out here.

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