About Us

Sometimes life decides it is time for you to make a change, 2017 very clearly was that moment for our family. That spring we excitedly welcomed our second son to this world and to our small urban home, while he wasn’t bouncing off the walls yet, our first son most certainly was and it was clear our Califonira bungalow was growing small. During that summer as temperatures rose, so did the craziness of our urban existence with a driveby shooting, negligence of the homeless problems, and the feeling of defeat against a city bureaucracy, life felt overly difficult and complicated. Fall brought diablo winds and a spark that forever changed every life in our region. Amidst the ashes we made the decision to provide a different kind of life for our sons and ourselves. 

Six months later we bought the Lazy Moon Farm, five acres of hillside in the Sierra foothills. Our goal is to live a different kind of life than our urban one. We live more slowly, appreciating sunsets, taking rain walks, and being present as a family. Our longterm goal is to work with our land by focusing on rebuilding the soils, growing crops for ourselves and others, tending to animals who in turn benefit the land and through all of these processes we hope to grow ourselves. 

Welcome to the Lazy Moon Farm and our journey.

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