Bathtub Project

One of our favorite projects at our old place was the rehabilitation and placement of an old clawfoot tub in the backyard. The outside tub was an amazing place to relax at the end of the evening and great for the boys to splash around in. At our new home we knew it was only a matter of time before we did the bathtub project again, and really the matter of time was only how long it would take to source a tub.

Well Eryn jumped right on that and found a couple who was in the process of removing a tub from their home in Sacramento. They didn’t want much for it, and she even got them to deliver it all the way out to us. When it arrived it was in better shape then we hoped and really only needed a deep cleaning and an exterior painting but not a full rehabilitation like our previous tub needed. 

We picked out colors for the tub and the feet and got to work making the tub look beautiful again. There a a certain class to an old clawfoot tub and we tried to finish it in a way that restored that. Once the painting was done Eryn signed off on her refurb and we got to work on where we were going to place the tub.

While we eventually want to have two bathtubs up towards the top of the hill it’s not feasible right now with the boys ages. So for now we had to find a place closer to the house where we can scurry back inside if needed. There was a nice spot next to the terraces on the hillside that we decided would be the spot. We added some support and tiles to the place the tub onto as well as a couple posts that will be the base for a side table. 

When we finished for the day we had the tub in but no hot water yet, that will have to come another day. For now we carry a few buckets of water up from the house to get it warm, thankfully for now cool water feels better than hot.

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