April at Lazy Moon – Home again

Last week at about this time we brought the remainder of our possessions out of Sonoma County and straight to the property. Our intention had always been to store most of our stuff while we sold our house in Santa Rosa and began our search in earnest in El Dorado county. Yet, as most good plans go, it was thrown out the window and a bit of chaos ensued.

There have been a few a moments in my life where I knew without question that this was my path. One was finding Prescott College, another was meeting Eryn, the most recent was finding this property and home. We had set up alerts on Redfin a couple of months before to watch the market as we got closer to making our move. We had even come up a couple of weekends to tour “empty houses” as Rylan referred to them. As such we had narrowed down a specific area and price range we were searching in and while we were finding places we thought were ok nothing had really made us fall in love, until this property listed.

I woke up about 6 am and got up to make myself tea. I started through my morning ritual of emails, notifications and new listings on Redfin. The very first photo stopped me in my tracks, it was stunning. I flipped through the details, the rest of the pictures, it was exactly what we were looking for, five acres, north Placerville, plenty of room for us and the boys, space for guests to come and visit without feeling like they were imposing, and on top of that it was gorgeous. I shot off the listing to my folks and waited patiently for Eryn to wake up, it had been a rough night with the little one. My folks responded with their approval and amazement, our older son woke up and decide it looked “great!” I sent our realtor an email asking if he could get more information, all the while Eryn slept.

By the time Eryn woke up my long forgotten tea was ice cold, my interest in the house red hot and I was ready to put in an offer sight unseen. Luckily the property owners were not accepting offers until later and Eryn was already heading up that Sunday for work early in the week. We coordinated a time to go view the property and waited. Waiting is never fun, the days seemed to drag by and interest in the home grew.

Sunday finally arrived and it was a beautiful. Since it is a decent trek from Sonoma County up here we arranged to look at three homes. The first was way to far down a single lane road and oddly set up. We took a quick look and headed over to our second stop of the afternoon, the house I had already fallen for. As we drove up the winding drive the oaks shaded the way, when we reached the top a clearing opened up to the gorgeous farm house style home. The baby was asleep so we just rolled down the windows and sat in the car. The birds were singing, a red tail hawk called out, the breeze lightly blew the oak leaves casting diffused shadows across the car. We were home.

We spent the next couple hours checking out the house, the guest loft, walking the property, attempting to be critical but mostly just falling in love. When we finished we knew we had to make an offer. At 7 on Sunday evening we had our amazing realtor and loan officer putting together an aggressive offer and submitting it. We knew there was at least one other offer in and so we waited hoping that we would get it. We did, and 20 days later we closed.

Our plan of staying in apartment while we slowly figured out where we wanted to live was happily dashed and instead of taking our final load of possessions to storage we instead were able to bring everything directly here. It has made this transition one of uncertainty to one of excitement.

Even now as I sit here on the porch swing a bit overwhelmed by the number of boxes to unpack, the farm chores to tackle and the planning process of building out our homestead I am filled with certainty and joy knowing that this is our home, this is where the boys get to experience life and where Eryn and I get to continue to build our dreams. We cannot wait to welcome you to our new home, the Lazy Moon Farm.

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