A fence is a fence?

There is a hillside right behind the house that is where we are going to start with our landscaping projects. We’ve recently mowed it down and you can see the low points that catch and hold water, the small contours that would be good for paths and for swales, and I can start to envision how I want it to look in five years. However, before any of that can happen we need to figure out how best to exclude our closest neighbors, a small heard of deer. Now don’t get me wrong we’ve got 5 acres, there is plenty of space to share with them, we just don’t want them to come through and decide our newly planted food forest is a catered buffet. So this means that we now spend evenings debating the merits of UV coated plastic fencing vs metal fencing, four foot double fences vs eight foot fences vs 45 degree toped fences. Costing out posts, corners and deciding just how big of an area we want to try to fence off initially. It’s completely different than the last fence I built which was all of about 40 feet wide and its main intent was to keep dogs from defecating in our front yard. Now the shortest section of this new fence is about that same length and that’s maybe 1/10th of the whole initial fence we are talking about installing. The scale at which we can do things out here is still mind blowing to me.


Here are some of our Pinterest inspirations.

4 responses to “A fence is a fence?”

  1. This is a really interesting challenge – what you decide (and can afford) to fence off now versus what you may grow into in 3 – 5 years time! Love reading about your journey.

  2. And what we have the “new home” motivation to do now versus another 3-5 years. Thanks for following along and engaging!

  3. Ha, we will have the same challenge! Our six acre croft bounds rough moorland to the north and it’s broken down fencing isn’t enough to keep the native deer out. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but as we plan to plant many hundreds if not thousands of trees as small whips, it would be self defeating if they got eaten in their first season… best of luck with the fencing! Here in Scotland the deer fencing is wood and wire, and about 6-8 feet tall to be effective. I don’t want it to look like a prison enclosure but until the trees are established I’m thinking it’s necessary! ☺️

  4. We just finished building most of our fencing for our “backyard” and eventual food forest. We ended up doing 6′ no climb on wood posts with another 2′ above for wire to attach to. I’ll get a post up in the next couple weeks.

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