Refreshing the Coop

When we bought the house one of the little bonuses was that it came with a coop we could put our two girls right into. So we packed them into a box and brought them along as we made our last big move from Sonoma County. The coop was well built but positioned awkwardly against the garden fence, the door is also fit perfectly for kids but a little hard for an adult to get into. The longterm plan is to build a new coop/garden shed combo with a covered run for the chickens to range during the day but seeing how we are still unpacking boxes that plan is for later down the road. So in the interim we needed to update the coop a little bit to make access easier. Luckily Steve was down for the weekend and so he and Eryn headed up and moved the coop, graded out a flat area, found a bunch of pavers to put the coop onto and repositioned the whole thing. All the while the girls ran around looking for worms in the recently turned dirt, hid in the tall grass and were loved by Ry. So for now they are good to go, next chicken project is the new coop.

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