We bought the farm

Let me clarify, we are all fine, but in a crazy fit of fancy we have purchased a five acre homestead in the beautiful rolling hills north of Placerville, CA. The home is situated on the top of the hill with a small raised bed garden, an old chicken coop where our hens Sweety and Bawker have been moved into, rolling hillside pasture, a dense oak forest and a sweeping sunset view. A babbling seasonal brook runs along the north end of the property greening the bottom of the property for now and hopefully proving an underground weep through the summer. Most of the land is undeveloped awaiting a cycle of seasons worth of observations before serious planning begins and while we dream of many more fruit trees, berries and edible landscaping, fencing is going to have to come first. While the list of projects to be done is already as long as my arm we are excited and enthusiastic to jump into it. We bought the farm, the work only grows from here.

First family photo at Lazy Moon FarmOur first family photo on the farm.

Sunset View

Sunset from the hillside

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